Meet Maddie on of our many successful stories.

Maddie came to board here at Crossways Kennels for three weeks over February, where our Kennel/Hydrotherapy Team worked alongside Veterinary Surgeon Steve Carter, Veterinary nurse Georgina Wilkins’s and Physiotherapist Joanne Boddy. She is a lively Labrador and after having her second cruciate operation at Priory Vets, Reigate, her owner wanted to ensure she had the safest recovery. While Maddie stayed here with us she received Hydrotherapy, Physiotherapy and lots of cuddles.

Her Physiotherapist Joanne Boddy assessed Maddie and gave our Kennel Team instructions on what exercises Maddie should be doing on a daily basis. Our Kennel team done a brilliant job on making sure Maddie stuck by her exercise plan which included physio exercises, her certain amount of walk and muscle stimulation.

Our Hydrotherapy team at Crossways were able to provide Maddie with a suitable treatment plan to help rebuild the muscles within her affected limb.

Hydrotherapy is a controlled exercise in water which can be used for both orthopaedic and neurological conditions whether its post op or conservative management and fitness. All hydrotherapist are qualified Level 3 certificate Small animal Hydrotherapy.

Her treatment plan included our pool which is a non-weight bearing exercise and our water treadmill which is a partially weight bearing exercise. Her goal was to help rebuild the muscle around the joint to enable Maddie to be able to get back on her longer walks.

The water within our pool and water treadmill is heated between 28 and 30 degrees to create a therapeutic effect, it also helps blood vessels open to allow blood and oxygen pump round the body.

When in the water Maddie received the benefits of the water these include:

  • Relief of pain as the buoyancy of the water will help take the weight of her joints
  • Reduction of swelling and stiffness
  • Circulation Benefits
  • Improvement of muscle strength, cardiovascular fitness and range of movement in joints.
  • Improve her gait pattern
  • Mental stimulation, as Maddie will be resting for a majority of the time as to not over work the muscles, Hydrotherapy can also tire her out mentally.

Maddie made a fantastic recovery and she has a special place in all our hearts at Crossways.


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