Corona Virus Update

Firstly we would like to assure everyone that we are open for business as usual. Our staff consider the welfare of our guests, your pets, as an essential service and have all agreed to continue working even in the event of a lockdown. Just another example of how great the Crossway team are, thank you guys!

We all know the government has issued recommended actions and for us all the take responsibility. They are asking us to do our bit such as washing our hands regularly, self isolating if we get a new persistent cough and so on. What does this actually mean for you, our staff and of course our guests?

This notification also contains important information about refunds and deposits so please take time to read it.

There are differing opinions on whether dogs and cats can carry the virus, as a minimum we are assuming it can survive on their fur and on their personal belongings. After a good debate we have come up with some actions to help protect our staff, our guests and their owners.


This is how we are changing our behaviour:

We ask all drop offs and pick ups to remain outside where possible.

Every new dog gets a full a wash as soon as they check in, for free.

We will disinfect all collars and leads on arrival.

If you have symptoms please call us to discuss alternative arrangements.

Please expect to pay in full at the start of their stay to ensure minimal interaction on collection.

All payments will be taken remotely with no need to touch the payment machine.

Our staff have been instructed to wear gloves when interacting with our new guests.

Cancellations within 24 hours for Grooming and Hydrotherapy will need to be paid in full.

Deposits are often be covered by travel or pet insurance, unfortunately we do not refund these.


Thank you for taking the time to read through this notice. We hope you can help us keep calm and carry on.

Emma Alex and the Crossways Team.