Here at Crossways, we’re most definitely cat people.

Dog people, too. But most definitely, we love cats as much as you do. While you’re away on holiday, or for work, perhaps you’d prefer not to ask your neighbour or friend to feed your cat. It’s a hassle, and to be fair, cats do enjoy company; like most of us, they experience loneliness, too.

We’re here to remove your cat concerns.

Crossways provides a safe, warm, secure and enclosed environment for individual cats. Or, for cats from the same family who are familiar with each other. In other words, your beloved puss will be secure. Safely gathered in, with no opportunity to get lost – or worse, come to harm in the great beyond.

Facilities and On-Boarding

We’re here to look after your cat in the same way that you would do; with lots of love, attention and an in-depth understanding of the unique quirkiness and sometimes eccentric things that cats sometimes do.

Talk to us about their:

  • Food, and whether they need any special diets
  • Medication, if relevant
  • Toilet routines
  • Personalities and traits

This in-depth questionnaire, before you go away, helps us to cater carefully and precisely to your cat, enabling you to switch off, down tools, kick back and relax on holiday – with complete trust in the skills and experience of the staff looking after him or her.

Our staff are not only highly qualified and trained, there’s a high staff-to-cat ratio for some extra special attention, playing and stroking.  Equally, there are scratching posts, and places for them to squeeze themselves into – should they so desire. Also, our guests have comfortable beds with fleeces and litter trays.

However, you’re welcome to bring along some familiar items or toys, and food if you think that your pet will find it comforting.

Nutrition and Care

We stock high-quality range of cat food, and will ensure that plenty of fresh water is left out for them to drink.

Daily, our team will make full physical checks, and should we spot something amiss that needs prompt attention, will book an appointment with your vet, let you know the complete picture, and keep you up to speed.

We also have a working partnership with locally based Priory Vets.

Does your cat need regular medication? No problem at all, we’re happy to cater to this, with meds for diabetes, epilepsy, and so on. Should medication be required, this can be given by a member of our non-veterinary qualified team.

Vaccinations & medication

We’re completely devoted to the health and welfare of all the animals in our care.

Therefore, before you bring your cat to us, please ensure that he or she is fully vaccinated and that you can produce a current vaccination certificate.

Vaccinations save lives, and their importance is key. Do talk to us with any questions you may have. You may be surprised; a single vaccination is not enough, and you will need to have your cat protected in this way regularly.

Cattery prices

All prices include VAT

  • 1 Cat
    per day
    2 Cats
    per day
    3 Cats
    per day

All animals must be fully inoculated and boosted as required within the last 12 months.

The owner/agent must confirm that the animal is in a fit and sound condition.   We must be informed in advance of any medical history and of any medication/treatment or special needs we will need to administer.

Any medication should come clearly labelled with instruction on how it should be administered clearly marked on the packaging.

In the event of an animal arriving displaying signs of illness, such as a cough, we reserve the right to turn them away.

Should an animal present signs of a contagious disease we will contact the owner to pick the animal up as soon as possible. We will keep the animal in isolation until alternative arrangements can be made.

In the event of injury or illness of the animal a veterinary surgeon may be called in and all costs incurred in this connection and in the carrying out of their instructions shall be at the owner’s expense.

All rates are daily levied from and including the day of arrival and day of departure.

A non-refundable deposit of 20% is required at the time of booking.

All charges must be paid in full before the removal of the animal by the owner/agent.

It is clearly understood and agreed that whilst every care and attention is given to your animals they are accepted by us at the owners risk.

All cat owners and agents to ensure carrying baskets are secure and escape proof.   We accept no liability for cats escaping from inadequate carrying baskets.

All belongings left with the animal (leads, toys, beds, blankets etc.) are at the owners risk and we accept no responsibility should they be damaged or lost.

If a groom is required this will be chargeable and if possible requested at the time of booking the boarding space.

All charges for returned or represented cheques for whatever reason will be met by the owner/agent.

Interest of 10% per annum above NatWest Bank base rates will be payable on all money owed after the due dates.

We accept most debit/credit cards except for American Express

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