Crossways Luxury Boarding

You’re checking in at the airport, looking forward to two weeks in the sun.

What we mean is, you’re really looking forward to it. Why?

Because at the same time, your dog is receiving the finest care, the best food, lots of love and affection, loads of fresh air, they’re relaxing in wonderful comfortable kennels, running around in plenty of space…

Yes, places like this DO exist. They exist here, at Crossways Kennels. We provide the best of the best for dogs with, shall we say, a taste for the finer things in life.

Or rather, what we mean is, for dog owners like you who are totally devoted. It’s as simple as that. And, importantly, who want their beloved best friend to lack for nothing. To receive the highest standards of nurturing; to relax, and feel safe, happy and calm.

If you’re off on your luxury holiday, or even just for a few days away, why not get in touch with us to find out more?

About our luxury boarding

Imagine a retreat. Then, imagine Crossways Kennels’ luxury boarding for dogs.

Our aim is to dissolve your worries and concerns completely.

We’ll take care of everything, with a homely environment, and close care and attention throughout their stay. This is total indulgence, yet with the essential physical and mental wellbeing of your dog at the heart of what we do.

Eight large individual Mediterranean-style kennel spaces, each named after Greek islands for a relaxed, sunny vibe. These are modern, innovative, and new.


Painted in crisp Grecian white, with a chic blue trim around the doors, they’re constructed from high-grade aluminium and graphite and with double-glazed windows.



We clean your dog’s accommodation three times a day for maximum comfort and cleanliness.



Soft furnishings, comfortable raised beds, underfloor heating and air conditioning.



Extra playtime, with his or her own private play area and free toys. Because we understand that animals are at one with nature, there are olive trees for shade, and for that extra special touch.


Open Space

There’s fresh air and fun in our re-wilded 16-acre field, within which your dog can run around. We also own two acres of natural woodland.



Exceptional care, extra enrichment, and an outstandingly calm environment for de-stressing.


Fine Dining

The finest natural, organic wet and dry food, which we source locally. Do let us know if there is anything your dog prefers, or needs.



Doggy TV. A premium, cable television network, made especially for dogs to keep them calm and contented. (No cats or squirrels.)


A bespoke approach

Every dog has distinct needs, so let’s establish in detail his or her care plan when you bring your pet to us. We’d be happy to discuss any queries or questions you may have on the phone, too, so do get in touch.

This is six-star treatment, custom designed to put the needs of your dog centre stage.

As well as Crossways’ no-holds-barred opulence, we also carefully track our guests’ behaviour, just to make sure that there are no indications of any physical or mental health concerns.

Our experienced staff will monitor:

  • Diet (including any special food they may need)
  • Health and/or health issues
  • Medication
  • Toilet routines
  • Exercise and play enrichment

This assessment is vital because it helps us to understand individual requirements. It’s in-depth, and thorough. Why? Because we want the absolute best for you, and for your dog.

While you’re away

Don’t be concerned. Just relax on your holiday. Your faith and trust in us will be rewarded with a happy and contented furry friend when you come to us to collect them.

As long as it doesn’t impinge on the care we offer all our animals, and within reasonable parameters, we’ll be able to update you during your time away, even including a photo should you so wish.

Should any health problems arise, we’ll take immediate action to ensure that he or she is seen promptly by your vet. We also work with a local veterinary practice. And of course, we’ll keep you up to speed with everything.

First thing: Morning relief and relaxation AND BREAKFAST …. YUM

In the morning at 8am we let your furbabies outside into their own runs to relieve themselves and to take in the morning atmosphere.

At this point all the bedroom areas will be fully cleaned and beds made/changed and breakfast is prepped, and medications given if required.

After they have eaten breakfast, they can enjoy a  daily health checks. This involves toilet checking, weight checks, ears, eyes and bottom (eek, but it really does help spot things!)  checks.

Come breakfast time their routine starts all over again and the fun continues!

Lunch Time: Quiet time and Snack….

If required at 12pm or if your dog doesn’t have lunch, we can provide a kong with a treat inside or peanut butter to keep your pooch busy over the quiet lunchtime period.

Midmorning: Chill… Play…. Cuddles….. Walk……

Throughout the morning your dog can enjoy their surroundings inside or outside, whether its watching Dog tv or plying outside in their runs with their toys. This is the time our staff like as they can have extra cuddles and play time during their morning walk!

Afternoon: More Chill… Play…. Cuddles….. Walk……

Your dog will be taken out for walks twice a day in our 15 acres of green fields. We are lucky enough to live in an area of outstanding beauty and your dogs can enjoy the sites and sounds of our beautiful grounds.


Later in the day at 4-5pm dinner is served. We only provide locally sourced wet and dry quality foods, if you prefer we can store your own food, even raw food. We also have facility’s to warm any food up, for your those with a more trained pallet!

YAWN…. Chill time

At 6pm your pampered pooch will be feeling tuckered out and we will settle them into their rooms and final health checks and meds if needed are given. They can then relax watching DOG TV, mesmerising!

Bedtime Biscuits

8pm All pooches are tucked into their beds, kissed goodnight and TV’s are turned off for the evening. A radio is left playing with sone chill some tunes and night lights are left on.

Any medication required, water top up and final checks can be given then, but we never leave without a cuddle and a treat!

Bring your dog to us

Your fur baby will spend their day playing, exploring, and resting with their new friends at Crossways Kennels. Nothing is too much trouble for us, and we offer the perfect environment for them to grow, socialise, or relax.

You’re off on holiday.

Now, your dog can have a holiday of its own, too. The holiday of a lifetime.

Luxury Suites

All prices are per dog, per day, and include VAT

Luxury Suites, but what does it really mean?

  • Complimentary Toy on arrival
  • Luxury Holiday suite including
  • Dog TV
  • CCTV and remote fire and security alarms
  • Locally sourced natural foods
  • Underfloor heating
  • Air conditioning
  • Extra play time
  • Complimentary Pamper and pawdicure
  • Located in VIP Area
  • Includes an individual Private Area


For an additional Fee:

  • Spa Facilities and Wellness Treatments
  • Grooming
  • Massage and Physiotherapy

All animals must be fully inoculated and boosted as required within the last 12 months.

The owner/agent must confirm that the animal is in a fit and sound condition.   We must be informed in advance of any medical history and of any medication/treatment or special needs we will need to administer.

Any medication should come clearly labelled with instruction on how it should be administered clearly marked on the packaging.

In the event of an animal arriving displaying signs of illness, such as a cough, we reserve the right to turn them away.

Should an animal present signs of a contagious disease we will contact the owner to pick the animal up as soon as possible. We will keep the animal in isolation until alternative arrangements can be made.

In the event of injury or illness of the animal a veterinary surgeon may be called in and all costs incurred in this connection and in the carrying out of their instructions shall be at the owner’s expense.

All rates are daily levied from and including the day of arrival and day of departure.

A non-refundable deposit of 20% is required at the time of booking.

All charges must be paid in full before the removal of the animal by the owner/agent.

It is clearly understood and agreed that whilst every care and attention is given to your animals they are accepted by us at the owners risk.

All cat owners and agents to ensure carrying baskets are secure and escape proof.   We accept no liability for cats escaping from inadequate carrying baskets.

All belongings left with the animal (leads, toys, beds, blankets etc.) are at the owners risk and we accept no responsibility should they be damaged or lost.

If a groom is required this will be chargeable and if possible requested at the time of booking the boarding space.

All charges for returned or represented cheques for whatever reason will be met by the owner/agent.

Interest of 10% per annum above NatWest Bank base rates will be payable on all money owed after the due dates.

We accept most debit/credit cards except for American Express

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