What star rating are you for animal welfare?

We have been awarded a 5 star rating for the Animal Welfare Act by Mole Valley District Council.

This means we are part of an exclusive club of Kennels in the UK that are classed as “Outstanding” – something we are really proud of.

Do you board animals that require medication?

All our staff are accustomed to dealing with animals in need to that extra care.

We have a long history of boarding cats and dogs that need medication. We ask that all medication is in its original packaging and we have clear instructions on the dose and the times of day it needs to be administered.

It is important that we keep to the same regimes as you would at home, so please make sure we have been made fully aware of what you do.

Do you supply food and can I bring in my own?

We do supply a range of wet and dry foods.

If your pet is on a specific diet whether its weight loss, prescription or if your animal prefers raw food, then you are able to bring in your own. We request that it is clearly labelled and accompanied by instructions on quantity and how many times you would like them fed a day.

Do you have a fridge or freezer to store fresh food?

Both the Kennels and Cattery have a fridge freezer to store any foods or medication.

Do you supply bedding?

We have a range of day and night bedding, including fleeces, duvets and blankets. These are regularly checked and cleaned.

Can we bring our own treats?

You are welcome to bring your pet’s own treats, indeed we recommend it when animals have allergies.

Can we supply our own bedding and toys?

Please feel free to bring any bedding or toys that will make your pet feel more at home.

What are your opening hours?

Our reception opening hours are:
Monday to Saturday, 10am – 12pm and 2pm – 4pm.
On Sundays we are open 10am – 12pm.

Is it possible to drop off or pick up outside of normal opening hours?

We do not offer this service.

Should all vaccinations be up to date?

All vaccinations must be up to date at the time of boarding.

We don’t require the kennel cough vaccine but if you opt for your dog to have this it has to be at least 2 weeks before your pet comes to stay.

How many times a day do you feed?

We follow your routine at home of how many times you like to feed your pet, eg. breakfast, lunch, dinner or any combination of these.

How often are the Kennels cleaned?

The kennels and their runs are thoroughly cleaned every morning, and any time in the day as when it needs it. The kennels are also inspected throughout the day for any toilet mess.

Do the dogs get exercised?

Our aim is to get your dog away from its kennel twice a day. We have a supervised, secure play area where it can run off the lead, play and sniff.

If they require an additional walking they are always kept on a long line and are walked in our beautiful private gardens.

Are dogs from different households mixed together?

We do not mix dogs from different households.

Are the Kennels heated and ventilated?

The kennels are centrally heated and we have fans and ventilation doors for the summer.

Are you a member of a trade association?

We are members of the CHA – Canine Hydrotherapy Association

How do I get referred for treatment?

You can contact us, and we then will send a consent form to your vet and/or specialist.

As soon as they have returned it to us we will be touch with you to proceed with treatment.

Is the pool heated?

The pool’s temperature is set to 30-31°C.

Can I watch my dog during their treatment, whether it is a swim or a water treadmill session?

Yes, we encourage you to watch your dog in the pool and treadmill as we like you to encourage them and it helps to settle their nerves.

Can I get in the pool with my dog?

Sadly, you are unable to get in the pool with your pet.

As hydrotherapy is a medical treatment we need to keep your dog calm and unfortunately due to the CHA regulations this is not allowed.

How many dogs can swim at the same time?

In the interests of safety and in accordance with CHA regulations we only swim one dog at one time.

What are the opening hours of the hydrotherapy centre?

We offer appointments Monday to Friday 10am – 12pm and 2pm – 4pm and on Saturday mornings 8.30am – 11am.

How many sessions will my dog need?

As every case / condition is different, our hydrotherapists can advise you during the course of the treatment.

How often do I need to bring my dog for hydrotherapy sessions?

Again, this is different for each individual case and your hydrotherapists will advise you when examining your pet.

Do I need to bring anything?

You may need a towel for your car; we do our best to dry your dog off after a swim, but they still may be damp.

Also, some of their favourite treats to encourage them to exercise whist having treatment.

Do you hand strip?

Yes, we do hand stripping.

Can I wait while my dog is being groomed?

Our grooming & pampering services are a time-consuming activity, so we ask you to drop off in the morning of your appointment and pick up in the afternoon.

Is it possible to watch the grooming session?

Unfortunately having owners watching does stress pets out so we strongly advise it against.

We like the grooming room to be as quiet and as relaxed as possible throughout their pamper.

Can cats be groomed?

Yes, we can groom cats.

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