Online Booking!

Holidays and trips away don’t seem so far out of reach now restrictions have eased some more.

With that in mind, we have now added a link on our website for you to request a booking at our hotel for Cats and Dogs. This is to make booking your pets in with us a more convenient process for you anytime, day and night. You are also able to update any information you need to whether its your address, phone number or you have changed your vets. You can also add any pictures of your pets on to their profile. This helps to keep all our records of your furbabies up to date.

When booking your pet in on arrival we will still need to see their up to date vaccination certificate in order to check your pets in to their accommodation.

Once you have submitted your booking request we will confirm your booking when we are in the office.

If for any reason you get a notification to say that there is no availability, please don’t dismay. Give us a call, there may have been cancellations that may not have been already processed.

Emma, Michelle, Abbie and the rest of the team are still in reception and are very happy to answer your calls. If you would rather not use the online booking we would still love to hear from you and are always happy to answer any questions you may have.