As members of the CHA (Canine Hydrotherapy Association), our equipment and treatments have been developed and tailored for dogs and can be very effective for many conditions.

Hydrotherapy can also be used to help speed up recovery. If your pet is an elite athlete or a senior couch potato, hydrotherapy can provide numerous benefits.

Hydrotherapy pool

Our pool features an integral ramp and resting platforms along with two directional jets, offering three levels of intensity.

The pool is heated to 30-31°C and is run by a 24/7 pump filtration system. We test and record the water three times a day to ensure cleanliness and good chemistry.

The pool room is also air conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter.

We regularly hold fun pool sessions to allow our boarders to enjoy a swim during their stay with us.

Water treadmill

The Water Walker Treadmill is the latest addition to Crossways and allows rehabilitation to be controlled in a safe in-house environment with high operative success rates.

Ongoing support can be provided for patients with conditions such as:

  • Invertebral disc disease
  • Post-surgical conditions such as hip surgery and cruciate ligament repairs
  • Injuries in sporting dogs
  • Neurological conditions resulting in weakness and difficulty with walking
  • Maintenance of mobility in older dogs
  • Management of joint conditions such as hip or elbow dysplasia or oseochondrosis


In addition to our Hydrotherapy services, we host regular clinics held by our associate independent Physiotherapist Joanne Boddy.  This enables us to offer an even more extensive range of treatments aimed at improving recovery rates and general fitness of our clients’ pets.

Please contact us for more details.

Hydrotherapy prices

All prices include VAT

  • Hydrotherapy Initial Assessment
    Appointment with 2 Hydrotherapists
    Hydrotherapy Course
    12 sessions, payable in advance
    Hydrotherapy session
    per session
    Water Treadmill
    per session
    Fitness Swim
    per session
    Fun Swim
    per session
    Puppy Taster Swim
    per session

What our customers say


Teddy has been going swimming at crossways kennels to loose weight. The staff have been excellent. They inform me after every session on how he has done as I can’t go in due to Covid 19 rules. Teddy loves going, he goes straight in with the lady on reception. What I love most is the pictures of him in the pool I receive that evening via email. Fantastic service. Highly recommended.

Mrs Howell

I can not speak highly about not just the therapists , whom I have had the pleasure of meeting Gillian and Mollie, but all the hardworking ladies at Crossways. This has been a new experience for myself and my dog Bill who was referred from our vets for hydrotherapy and has just had his third session of which the difference from a dog with his eyes nearly out on stalks and shaking with fear to this week was phenomenal. This is down to the patience and expertise of the girls and all I can say is Thank you and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Amazing, knowledgeable caring staff ….

Amazing, knowledgeable caring staff treatment keeps me fit and mobile.
It’s my fave place to visit!

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