Teddy is a rising 4-year-old Golden Retriever.

He began his Hydrotherapy journey with us in July 2020 for an intermittent hind right limp and weight loss.

He has lots of allergies to food and when his owners changed his diet, he began to put weight on quickly.


Treatment Plan:

The plan for Teddy was to lose weight with a combination of diet and exercise. Because of his intermittent limp, the vets decided that the pool would be better suited to him as it is non weight bearing and great for cardiovascular fitness. It was decided that Teddy would come for a swimming session once fortnightly along with increasing his daily exercise at home.


Progress and Outcome:

Teddy took to the pool well, although a little bit anxious. He became out of breath after roughly 20 seconds of swimming and needed longer rests between sets.

Teddy is now able to swim for 2 minutes at a time. This is a great example of how well the pool increases stamina and fitness.

He has managed to lose approx. 5.5kg steadily over the last 6 months. We have often referred to the Body Conditioning Score to asses his progess. The chart score has a range of 1-9. 1 being emaciated and 9 being massively obese. When Teddy started with us we scored him at an 8 – ribs only palatable with significant pressure, heavy fat deposits over base of tail, waist absent and no abdominal tuck.

Teddy has made massive improvements and we would now score him at a 6 – ribs palatable but with a slight fatty covering, waist can be seen from above and no prominent abdominal tuck.

He is continuning his weight loss programme with us and doing very well.

We are pleased with his progress and his owners dedication.

Well Done Teddy.