Meet Bullet:

Bullet is a handsome rescue dog. He was involved in a road traffic accident when he was 3 years old. His front left leg never fully recovered since the accident and as a result of this he has now got osteoarthritis.

Bullet started his hydrotherapy journey with us in May 2019. His owner noticed that he seemed uncomfortable on his front left regardless of his joint supplements and Metacam when needed. Bullet also has severe muscle wastage in his shoulder and suspected nerve damage.


Treatment Plan:

Bullet comes for Hydrotherapy to build his muscle mass. As he gets older it is important that this is maintained so that he can remain as active as possible. We decided the pool was the better option for him as it is a non weight bearing exercise and allows more range of movement in his shoulder. He started coming for hydrotherapy once a week for his first 12 sessions.


Progress and Outcome:

Bullet needs lots of encouragement in the pool (chicken always helps!). He also wears a blue float around his neck to prevent water going in his ears. He loosens and relaxes as the session continues. Since he has been swimming with us, his owner has noticed that she has not heard him scuffing his front left foot when walking. She also mentioned that his leg wasn’t giving way as much as it had been. Bullet has maintained his swimming duration of 14 minutes and seems to be comfortable and happy at home. His owner says that he is more active. We have managed to decrease Bullet’s sessions to fortnightly.

He is still managing his hourly walks but has slowed down due to now being 11 years old!