Case Study

Here at Crossways we take great pride in using Hydrotherapy for rehabilitation of dogs with mobility issues. We do this through use of our specially designed Hydrotherapy pool and underwater treadmill. Both use the bouyancy of warm water (30 degrees celcius) to take the weight off their weary limbs. This allows movement and training to help them return to full fitness. 

Meet Winnie.

Winnie is a cheeky Olde Time Bulldog, who was referred to us in December 2018. Winnie was diagnosed with hip dysplasia when she was only 14 weeks old. Her vets advised against operating as she was only young. The condition was stopping her from playing, going on long walks and was making her feel like an older dog. Her owners have been managing Winnie’s condition carefully to help prevent her from having surgery in the future. They decided to start hydrotherapy to help build the muscle around her hip joints to provide extra support and to keep her fitness levels up.

Hydrotherapy Treatment Plan:

Winnie came to use our hydrotherapy pool; this allows her to be non-weight bearing on her joints and encourages joint mobility. The pool is also a great stimulator for cardiovascular fitness, not to mention is is great fun

On assessment it was obvious that Winnie was putting most of her weight through her front legs which meant sometimes her hind limbs wouldn’t even be touching the ground.  Her owner felt Winnie was suffering with her condition as she was reluctant to exercise and would show lameness in her hind right leg. When swimming though she had a good range of movement in both hips. We felt as though Winnie would benefit from weekly Hydrotherapy sessions.

As Winnie’s sessions continued her fitness levels improved, we were then able to use the Hydrotherapy pool resistance jets. We closley monitor respiration rates to ensure any dog has regular and appropriate rest periods throughout their session. Because of Winnies breed, this was even more important.


Winnie’s hydrotherapy sessions continued and her owners began to see improvements in both her mobility and energy. This was most noticeable through her behaviour changes, it took years off her. After her sessions she would go home wanting to play with her toys. This has enabled Winnie to go for longer walks with no adverse effects. Her owner has seen a general change within her personality, she feels she is a lot happier. Winnie now puts more weight through her hind limbs and in general looks stronger. To date she has not needed surgery.  Winnie still attends her hydrotherapy sessions weekly and absolutely adores her sessions in our pool, she always comes with lots of enthusiasm and we love seeing her in her different outfits.

Our hydrotherapy team are delighted that they have been able to aid Winnie. She feels more comfortable and allows us to see her cheeky character.

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