We are excited to tell you that we are introducing Puppy Taster Swims and Grooms.

Puppy Swims.

We are introducing Puppy swims at Crossways, this is a fun and safe introduction to build your young pups confidence in the water. They will enjoy a swim in our brand new heated pool with one of our fully trained hydrotherapists. (We will however need consent from your vets before your pup can swim in our pool.)

Puppy Grooms.

We are also offering taster grooms. This is a great way to introduce your pups to the process of a groom. It will involve having a bath and a brush, a claw clip and possibly a small trim depending on their coat . They will enjoy lots of fuss and cuddles whilst spending time on the grooming table. If your pups coat will need grooming as they grow we believe this is a great way to get them started. They can see that having a pamper does not need to be a stressful process, but a pleasurable part of their regular routine.

To find out more.

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