For years now we have accepted animals with all manor of ailments, both acute and chronic. This ranges from Diabetic animals to just simply old age when we all go a little deaf and blind!

Often we take on boarders who require medication at set times. Our system is set up to ensure we make a note of this, with all staff being fully aware of who requires what and when. We never allow part time staff to administer medication as this a responsibility best undertaken by a full time qualified member of the Crossways Team.

We ask that prescription medication is brought in with the label so we know the exact dose and times to administer it. Over the counter medication or supplements should be provided with full instructions.

The medication is kept in a lockable cabinet, other than those requiring refrigeration, in which case it is clearly labelled and stored in a fridge!

Sometime animals just require that little extra help. Everyone is made aware of these in need of more.

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