Mum, we just bought a Kennels!

It was about eight years ago when we had our first experience of Crossways. Our Domino, a border Collie cross Flat Coat retriever had snapped her anterior cruciate ligament and have undergone reconstructive surgery at Priority Vets. The care she received there was excellent.

For part of her rehabilitation it was suggested she should have a few hydrotherapy sessions, which were covered by her insurance. We agreed and looked into the best ones in the area. Luckily for us we found Crossways. Well, what can I say, we were blown away by everything, the service, the owners (Roger and Lesley Barden) the setting, and the feel. It was just all so nice! We immediately looked at each other and knew that if we ever had the chance of owning something like this we would be in heaven.

Domino recovered well when, after 18 months SNAP! Her other one went. Without hesitation we were back at Crossways enjoying their excellent service under the guidance of their team, she is still with us at 14 years old and still bouncing around like a puppy, well sometimes 😉.

Roll forward a couple of years and our eldest daughter expressed an interest in training to become a canine hydrotherpist, something her step mum had been doing very well in over a number of years. She was located in Salisbury so it was a little far for Molly to joint. We popped into Crossways and left her CV with Roger, who in his usual smiley and laid back fashion said he would look at. Before we knew it Molly was working here and loving it. So much so she suggested that Emma would love it so and when a job came up in reception she jumped at the chance.

After a few months Emma got the feeling that Roger and Leslie’s tenure here might be coming to an end and sure enough, Lesley came out one day and hinted that they might like to retire. Without hesitation Emma and I asked if they would like us to pick up the reigns and here we are!

We had one goal when we took over. On the 30th November 2018 all we were after was, no change! Roger and Lesley, preceded by Mary and Peter, had grown such a fantastic operation with wonderful staff we know it was vital to just keep calm and carry on. After almost a year we are still here, busier than ever, having kept every member of our team. The Crossways Family lives on, with Mary still helping out, Lesley and Roger visiting every so often and the team here working hard to maintain the high standard set and maintained over so many years.

Here is to another couple of decades looking after all your lovelies!

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